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Using Mechanica Everyday - WF3 6/08

Most everyone who uses Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire on a day to day basis has access to Pro/MECHANICA, though few take advantage of it. After watching this lesson and a little practice you'll not hesitate to leverage Mechanica to make better engineering decisions everyday.

Mechanica Everyday

Attractive and Concise Drawings by Default!
Part 1 WF3 4/08
- Part 2 WF3 5/08

In this tip we’re looking at making Engineering Drawings more Attractive as well as Accurate without extra work. I’ve broken the tutorial into two parts; Part one focuses on the attractive and part two on the accurate. Learn the little tips that it takes to really improve the look and accuracy of your drawings.

Attractive Drawings

Model Layer Reset Automation - WF3 3/08

This tutorial covers what it takes to establish Layer Rules, populate the layers in an intelligent manner and allow the user to fully reset the Layer scheme to match their environment.

Layer Reset

Flexible Components and the Warp Feature - WF3 2/08

Explore the Filterability option at the assembly level. Learn how to control multiple variances of the same part in an assembly See how to use the Warp Feature with "Flexibility".


Field Point/User Defined Analyses - WF3 12/07

Understand how to apply and really make good use of a User Defined Analysis using a Field Point.

User Defined Analisys

Top-Down Design Approach for Mechanism - WF3 11/07

See how to use Mechanism Connections along with a Skeleton in a Top-Down design approach


Top-Down Design Approach for Sheet Metal - WF3 10/07

See how to use sheet-metal features in conjunction with a Top-Down design approach


Variable Section Sweep Demystified - WF3 9/07

Ever wonder what the options for the Variable Section Sweep tool are all about? Wonder no more!

Variable Section Sweep

Other Versions - WF5 WF4 WF3 WF2

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