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Top Down Design Demo - WF4 9/09

Here is a brief demonstration of how to use Pro/ENGINEER for a Top Down Design Process. Also covered are a few techniques as well as the benefits of employing this powerful approach. Copy Geometry, Publish Geometry, Reference Control, etc.

Top Down Design

Solving 5-Sided Surface Patches - WF4 7/09

When the "Round Tool" is not enough to get the blending that you need in your product development, you enter the realm of "Advanced Surface Modeling". Once there, you run up against all sorts of new modeling challenges. One of the most common is the 5-sided blend!

Exploring Surface Modeling Part 1 - WF4 4/09
Part 2 - WF4 5/09 and Part 3 - WF4 6/09

The topic of "Surface Modeling" is rather broad and somewhat ambiguous. In this three part series we will explore a number of the options and usefulness of the Surface Modeling methodology using Pro/ENGINEER.

Surface Modeling

Copy Geometry and Ctrl+C - WF4 3/09

This tip explores the differences between Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, the specific Copy Geometry features, and explains the advantages as well as the limitations of each approach.

Copy Geom Tip

Using Motion Skeletons - WF4 2/09

Unless you're in the discrete widget business, all product definition involves, at least at some level, an assembly. Managing the development of assembly mechanisms using a skeleton however has introduced some special challenges.  As of Wildfire 3.0 Pro/ENGINEER introduced a special skeleton to solve just this problem.
Today, let's discuss Motion Skeletons!

Motion Skel Tip

Hoses as Flexible Components - WF4 12/08

If you’ve ever needed to add flexible hoses to your assembly, I’m sure you’ve wondered “Isn’t there some sort of flexibility functionality in Pro/Engineer somewhere?”  Well the answer is definitely yes! Even though it may not have originally been implemented for hoses . . .  Here learn how to add hoses to you assemblies as Flexible Components!

Hoses as Flexible

Taking Control of Helical Shapes - WF4 11/08

Though some people have to deal with Helical shapes every day, most everyone comes up against some sort of helical challenge every now and then. In this tip we'll discover the subtle nuance that make helical shapes very straight forward as well as flexible.

Helical tip

Style Feature Everyday - WF4 10/08

Many users of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire have access to the Style Feature with the ISDX Extension but few realize its usefulness.  “Using the Style Feature in Everyday Modeling” illustrates a few of the benefits of activating this powerful component of the designers tool bag.


The Many Faces of the "Find Tool" - WF4 9/08

The “Find Tool” is very useful in most every aspect of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0.  This tutorial highlights the “Find Tool” as it applies to both Part and Assembly levels.  The “Find Tools” application to Layer control and the management of Simplified Representations is also highlighted in this video tip.

Find Tool

Basic Shared Part Contour - WF4 7/08

Have you ever been happily developing a part and at some point recognize that it really needs to be two?  Usually, not a  problem, except when there is some sort of compound surface contour.  The best way to effectively manage this scenario is to take a few steps back and employ skeleton references, in a top-down approach.  Yet, there are always other ways to get the job done.  Here’s a simple way to manage Shared Part Contours.

Shared Contour

Wildfire 4.0 Interactive Tour Demo Video Clips
WF4 2/08

See the latest improvements in PTC's flagship product, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 These clips where created for and with PTC marketing by yours truly to support the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Interactive Tour and are presented here with expressed permission.
Any unlawful use or duplication is strictly prohibited.

Wildfire 4.0

Other Versions - WF5 WF4 WF3 WF2

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